4 Reasons to Hire a K9 Co-Worker

Meet Magnus – not only my co-worker but also my loyal canine friend. Eight years ago, we welcomed Magnus from a local shelter into our lives. He’s been a delightful addition, making our home office experience more enjoyable. Many remote workers have discovered the benefits of having a furry friend around, and some traditional workplaces have also embraced the companionship of dogs. Allow me to share a few of those benefits:

1: Trust

Trust plays a vital role in any workplace. Take a look at these studies: – A 2002 Watson Wyatt study reveals that organizations with high levels of trust have almost triple the return to shareholders compared to those with low trust. – The 2013 Human Capital Institute’s Building Trust Survey suggests that greater trust enhances productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction. Dogs offer trust that is straightforward and sincere. According to a study published in a recent edition of “Science” gazing into each other’s eyes boosts the levels of oxytocin — a hormone associated with trust and emotional bonding — in humans and their dogs.

2: Forgive and Forget

Everyone makes mistakes, even with the best intentions. Imagine these situations: You’ve worked hard on a presentation, but it falls flat, disappointing your boss and possibly affecting your performance review. You promised to assist a colleague, but another task pulls you away, leaving your colleague understandably upset. If you mess up with your canine companion, rest assured that your misstep will be forgotten within moments.

3: Supportive

In my career, I’ve had colleagues who genuinely celebrated my achievements, while others seemed less thrilled. Dogs, however, are always your biggest cheerleaders. Close a successful deal on a call, and you’re guaranteed a happy lick from your canine co-worker.

4: Active

Some say that “Sitting is the new smoking.” This phrase highlights the importance of regular movement throughout the day. Yet, workers might sit for hours. Dogs, however, are usually up for a walk at any time. I simply ask, “Magnus, ready for a walk?” he’s instantly excited. It’s your turn! If you work with a furry co-worker (k9 or otherwise), please share a comment or a picture of your adorable companion. Make it a great day! Patrick