5 Keys to Giving Feedback When People are Doing Good Work

When you are left in the dark, you make erroneous assumptions, second guess yourself, and hold back on your best efforts.

Have you ever left your people in the dark when they were doing solid work?

Here are five ways to shine a bit of light on great work.

  1. Be consistent. Don’t let your feedback ebb and flow with your energy level or allow yourself to become so busy that people don’t know when they are succeeding.
  2. Be specific. Don’t talk in vague terms. Instead, point out particular behaviors and results that you want to encourage.
  3. Be timely. Don’t wait too long to tell people they are doing well. Tell them in the moment.
  4. Be proactive. Don’t fall into the negative feedback trap. This is when you only provide feedback when people make mistakes or fall short. Be on the lookout to catch people doing things right.
  5. Be inspiring. Don’t miss the chance to share why their great work matters. Make connections to strategy, vision, or big goals, so people are inspired to continue their efforts.

Be sure to check out this week’s video and tool. Use both to put this week’s lesson into practice. Feel free to share with others to help them give positive feedback to their people.


5 keys to giving feedback when people are doing good work