5Ps Leading Teams to Top Results: Quick Team Assessment

Whether you aspire to lead people, are early on your role as a team leader, or have been leading teams for years, I strongly recommend you check out this tool.

In working on the ground teams around the world, we’ve learned that the best team leaders and team members are clear on five key areas:

  1. They know who they serve and what matters most to those they serve.
  2. They are clear on their team’s purpose.
  3. They have identified their top priorities and understand why those priorities matter.
  4. They have an actionable plan to make the priorities a reality.
  5. They are committed to working together to drive performance in a way that makes the team better.

We call these 5 areas, the 5 Ps (Perspective, Purpose, Priorities, Plans, and Performance).

Here’s a free downloadable quick assessment to use with your team. Ask everyone to complete it and then get together to discuss the results. It will be time well spent.


5Ps Quick Assessment