6 Roles of a Mentor

Successful mentors fulfill 6 key roles.  Take a moment to see how well you are doing for your proteges.

  1. Motivator – Positive reinforcement, self-confidence and self-esteem, maintain perspective, and visionary
  2. Coach – Listening, questioning skills, willingness to challenge, and ability to diagnose
  3. Counselor – Perspective – broader context of ‘situation, ability to evaluate various career options
  4. Teacher / Advisor – Knowledge, instruction capability, selflessness, confirm understanding, and assess learning
  5. Sponsor / Door Opener – Provide networking opportunities, selflessness, and willingness to share
  6. Role Model – Consistent execution, leadership, work ethic, respect others

I’ve uploaded a blank version of this tool on the tools page.  Just click here to download. 

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