8 Behaviors of Highly Abundant Leaders

These days, it feels like we’re living through a wave of “paradigm shifts”. Remote work is a paradigm shift, social media is a paradigm shift, big data is a paradigm shift, everything is a paradigm shift!

Are you worried? Well, don’t be. Most of these big changes we’re facing aren’t really paradigm shifts. They are based on incorrect information, grounded in emotion, or born of groupthink. That’s good news. That means we can rely on time-tested leadership principles to get us through the challenges ahead.

I’m reminded of the 8 behaviors of truly abundant leaders, which I discuss at length in my forthcoming book, The Five-Week Leadership Challenge:

  1. Give Others Credit
  2. Ask for Input
  3. Extend Trust
  4. Coach Others
  5. Share Ideas
  6. Connect People
  7. Meet Unspoken Needs
  8. Listen More
The tool and video are designed to help you exhibit these 8 abundant behaviors. The tool is an old favorite; the message still resonates today. Even if remote work or the pandemic has truly changed everything, those 8 behaviors will still make you a great leader.

Download, use, and share a PDF of the tool (see below). Want to read more? Here’s an article I wrote about this topic.

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