8 Tactical and Practical Steps to Assess and Change Your Daily Routine

Have you ever found yourself crazy busy doing stuff, but failing to accomplish things that truly matter most?

You’re not alone. At times, we all get caught up in the “thick of things.”  A simple way to get back on track is to look at your daily habits and commit to making small changes. After all, many small things become big results over time.

Here are 8 tactical and practical steps to assess and change your daily routine.

  1. think through your daily activities
  2. write down repeated behaviors (be specific)
  3. identify low or little value activities
  4. prioritize the list – not sure? ask for help
  5. choose one item from the list and commit to eliminating it
  6. tell a friend or colleague of your decision
  7. put a date on calendar to check progress
  8. repeat every 21 days


8 step habit changing cycle tool