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Put development in the palm of your leaders' hands, and you will start hearing...

“Enterprise sales growth of all portfolios and client retention of 88%”

“Since implementing 5 Practices, we increased our revenue by 40%”

“We were named the #1 sales team of 24 in our division”

“We finally have a common framework, common experience, common language that bonds us as a group of leaders”

“We were named one of our region's Best Places to Work by our regional newspaper”

The average learner completes 88% of their assigned lessons. Other companies will "brag" about 25% participation rates.


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Your starting point is The 5 Practices of Impactful Leaders. This course provides a common framework, language, and experience that will prove critical throughout your journey. 

Great leaders are not born; they are made, step-by-step.

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The Five Practices of Impactful Leaders helps leaders to begin a daily practice of exercises and challenges designed to develop and expand innate leadership abilities as quickly as possible. Leaders will not only learn the five practices, but they will answer critical questions about themselves and others.

  1. Gain Perspective: What is your mindset as a leader?
  2. Clarify Purpose: Why do you choose to lead and what impact do you hope to make?
  3. Determine Priorities: What are your top leadership goals?
  4. Create Plans: How will you work to accomplish your goals?
  5. Inspire Performance: What will you do to be a better leader along the way and to create your own leadership legacy?


Untapped Potential

Regardless of where you are on your journey, you can always get better.

Up to You

Guides can help, but only you can write your leadership story.

Day by Day

Growing leaders requires daily learning, self-reflection, and application.

Choice, Not Position

Leadership is a choice regardless of role, age, or experience.

Inside Out

Lasting change comes from the inside out. You lead yourself, then others.

Made Not Born

Success is not coded in your DNA. Success is forged in your character.

“40% revenue growth”

“The 5 Practices of Impactful Leaders content can transform a leadership team. Bringing it to our organization through the Leadership Lab Learning System app was a game-changer. Our team can access the training on their mobile devices, making it more convenient and effective.”

- Brad White, Chief Financial Officer at Decisely

“#1 of 24 Sales Teams”

“As a Fortune 250 sales team, we know that innovative products and services can only go as far as our people. Leadership Lab has multiple options to fit any team’s schedule and allows associates to spend 10-15 minutes a day following an impactful curriculum, plus reporting to our management team to further support associate learning and engagement. Five stars and a must have for any organization aiming to develop their future leaders!”

- Trent Einstein, Assistant Vice President, Field Sales

“Common framework, common experience, common language”

“The Leadership Lab Learning System has been a game changer for our village leadership team. The mobile nature of the training has allowed our leaders to receive relevant and applicable leadership lessons on the go. These lessons have sparked cross-functional conversations about leadership, team building, and meeting the needs of our community. A win-win solution for our team, employees and elected officials.”

- Pat Carr, Village Manager at Village of Tinley Park, IL

“Named one of our region's Best Places to Work”

“The platform delivers personalized learning experiences that promote active participation and team collaboration. It allows for a better conduit of learning, married to the most effective learning and behavioral change model of doing a little bit every day, and having that daily learning reinforced with real-world, practical challenges that get at the heart of positive behavior change and fostering a growth mindset”

- John Blake, Chief Human Resources Officer at Vector Controls and Automation Group

2 years of great content (and growing)

Leadership Lab is evergreen and always growing. Our courses address leadership in all areas ranging from innovation to accountability. Start here to solve an immediate need or build a comprehensive learning journey.


Train your leaders at work, not in the classroom

10-Minute Relevant Lessons

Aligns with busy lives and short attention spans

Proprietary 3-Step Learning Process

Uses the Learn, Reflect, Apply Method

Huddle-Driven Cohort Experiences

Build team cohesion and work towards a common goal

Process, Not an Event

Leverages psychology and science to form daily habits

Award-Winning Content

Equips leaders with the ideas that they need to win

The Leddin Method: Learn, Reflect, Apply

Our proven grow model based on Dr. Leddin's own research is simple but effective.

Grow Model

Leadership Lessons Anytime, Anywhere

The Leadership Lab Learning System provides relevant, practical, and easily digestible leadership training for busy leaders. Each day offers 10-15 minutes of content in a micro-burst to help you learn the lesson, make it yours, and apply it. You'll learn from real-world leadership experiences that are relevant to your daily life. Access the program from your device, anytime that fits your schedule, and go at your own pace.

Get the entire Leadership Lab Learning System (Launch, Grow, Huddle, Report) to make your training a process, not an event and get tangible results.

Our implementation team will make it easy for a 1-person HR team or individual leader - as easy as clicking a button

Our proprietary Huddle Guides will facilitate small group discussions that bond team members and lock in learning

Unheard of engagement metrics: The average learner completes 88% of their assigned lessons and 81% complete at least 75% of their assigned course (64% complete their assigned course).