A Great IDEA to Help Create Engagement

There is a strong likelihood that your organization has a process in place for individual contributors to establish annual performance goals. My experience suggests that there is an equally strong possibility that your process falls a bit short.

– Sometimes we overcomplicate things leaving employees feeling compelled to complete the process regardless of its value.

– In other situations, team members take little time to think through plans, copy what they did in previous years, or complete the entire effort after the fact.

– The list goes on and on.

If you really want to have a meaningful conversation with your employees about the contributions they would like to make to the team AND a dialogue about what you can do to support them. I recommend using the IDEA document.

I created this tool years ago to create similar conversations with my team member. It works so well, I thought I would share it.

The image provided is just an illustration of the four areas covered in the actual form. You can download a free PDF of the actual form below.


IDEA Document