Answering Post-COVID Work Arrangement Questions

I have created a form that you can use to answer the deeper, more important questions about returning to the office post-COVID. To do so, fill in your responses to the questions in column one. Your answers will point to the long-term outcomes you want to generate and the type of organization you want to be going forward.

Once you have generated your column one responses, then explore the attitudes and behaviors that team members must demonstrate in column two. These will help you to translate your lofty vision into tangible activities that you want to see your team members exhibit.

Lastly, fill in your thoughts for column three. This is the column that focuses on the systems, processes, and structure you believe will best facilitate creating the desired behaviors and attitudes. Your responses to column two will help you to answer the questions about post-COVID work arrangements by putting the pressing questions of today into perspective.


answering post-covid work arrangement questions