Are You Building A Team That Is Worth Building?

Are you on track to build the team you want to build?

I once had a beagle named Dolly. She was the sweetest dog. Dolly never met a stranger as she quickly made friends with everyone. When she was excited, she would produce an endearing little squeak that became her trademark. Dolly was near perfect, except for one bad habit. Hardwired in her DNA was the desire to wander whenever a scent caught her nose. She would pursue it with her head down and tunnel vision. Inevitably, she would begin to wander off in pursuit of whatever caught her fancy.

I think we all have a little Dolly in us – some more than others.

Here are 7 key elements to help you from wandering down the wrong path as you work to build a team worth building:

1. Values

2. Knowledge

3. Skills

4. Experiences

5. Relationships

6. Systems

7. Results

Below is a PDF of a graphic designed to help you and your team to get these seven things right. Read more about the tool and get a free video on the subject here.


are you building a team that is worth building