Be a Raving Fan Tool

This week’s tool is designed to help you to think about the fans in your life, those people who cheer for you, those who have your back and encourage you.

Think about the fans in your life and your work and how those fans, by their actions, make you feel. Then consider how those feelings have led you to become a better version of yourself because of their support.

More important than those supporting you as a leader, I encourage you to think about who you are supporting? Who are you a fan of at work and in life, and how do they know it? What do you do to help them? How do you pull them forward when they’re struggling or open up your network to help them succeed?

Use the tool and video this week to think about the fans in your life and how they make you feel and identify some people you are a fan of and how you can support them.

Be a raving fan