What Every Leader Can Learn from Sears’ Pending Liquidation

Did you hear about Sears? CNBC just reported Sears could force liquidation within 24 hours. A litany of issues has inflicted pain, if not utter destruction, on the once dominate retailer. Consider the: Advent of eCommerce Powerhouse that is Amazon 2008 recession’s impact on expendable incomes Three-headed dragon of globalization, digitization, and regulation List goes…

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How Nike’s Kaepernick Ad Might Be a Game Changer this Time

This weekend Nike unveiled their latest “Just Do It” ad campaign. The company’s well known formula of marrying the familiar tagline with high profile athletes was on display once again; however, there was a bit of a twist this time. Serena Williams, known for her dominate play on the tennis court and Odell Beckham Jr.,…

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Working on Your Personal Brand

Whether you realize it or not, you have a personal brand. More importantly, that brand is constantly being defined, redefined, built-up, torn-down, and reconfigured. I invite you to think about four keys to building an effective personal brand. These are: Intentions, Behaviors, Results, and Expectations of Experience. For each area, allow me to pose questions…

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