Why I’m My Own Brand and Why You Should Be One Too

“In 350 words or less, please tell us why you would be a great fit for our company.” This prompt looms over nearly every internship application I’ve submitted. Though painfully daunting, this request provides a unique opportunity not just to explain my skills and qualifications, but also to reflect my unique value—my very own “Skyler…

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5 Strategies to Make Your New Year’s Resolution(s) Stick

Guest Author: Henry Lescault As a FranklinCovey Consultant and Facilitator, I have the honor and privilege of working at the best Leadership and Behavioral Change company in the world. Our mission is simply this: We Enable Greatness in People and Organizations Everywhere. When working with the thousands of clients I encounter as a FranklinCovey behavioral…

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Perception of Leadership from the Entry Level

Guest Author: Taylor Leddin As a 24-year old, I’m the first to acknowledge that I have not been in the workforce for very long. However, I have had the privilege to work for a number of different companies and individuals over the course of my relatively short work life. Thanks to time off school in…

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