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Take Your Organization on a Purpose Drive, Indiana Jones Type Adventure

In 1981, Indiana Jones ran, swung, and fought his way into movie theaters everywhere. Since then, the archeologist has taken audiences on numerous adventures in search of hidden treasure. You are likely familiar with the basic Jones’ storyline. After painstaking effort, dangerous encounters (“Snakes…why’d it have to be snakes”), and finding himself at the precipice…

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4 Ways to Build Trust on Your Virtual Team

In today’s world, more and more people are working from a virtual location. It’s nice to work from home or a local coffee shop, but don’t forget that building an effective team takes time and energy. Here are 4 things you can do to get it right. 1. The Virtual Work Environment is NOT an…

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10 Ways to Make Work a Winnable Game for You and Your Team

Within each of us there seems to be a ‘game on’ switch that is hardwired in our DNA.  For some of us the switch is more easily flipped than for others. When activated in the workplace, this switch can dramatically increase employee engagement. To throw the switch and drive engagement, leaders must make work a winnable game.…

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3 Things to Know About Millennials

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to support a learning and development initiative for Federal senior executives.  I serve as an instructional designer for this program, largely coordinating subject matter experts to speak on everything from civilian-military relations to negotiations and the role of the media in federal initiatives. I learn immensely from…

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Here’s How Your Next Big Initiative Can Hurt You as a Leader

Despite your and your team’s best efforts, things don’t always go as planned. The company may decide to penetrate a new market, but the economy elects not to cooperate.  No matter what you and your people do, the numbers aren’t met.  The efforts were gallant; unfortunately, the economy conspired against you.  The initiative is dead.…

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Take Time to Explore Your Organization’s Culture

I invite you to suspend reality for a moment and go on an odd, but arguably informative, journey with me. Imagine that Charles Darwin, the 19th century English naturalist and geologist, sets sail from England aboard the HMS Beagle. His destination – the Galapagos Islands. A space-time continuum fluke transports Darwin to your 21st century workplace. He is…

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7 Gifts that Great Leaders Give to Their People

Throughout the year and around the world, various occasions are marked with the giving of gifts. For many, exchanging presents is not merely tradition; it is an outward sign of one’s appreciation for another. Much time, energy, and effort is put into finding the perfect gift. The gift-giving practice often extends to the workplace where…

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