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How Do You Define Loyalty in the Gig Economy?

Compared to regular season play, the NFL pre-season is typically filled with far less drama and intrigue. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules and on August 24, 2019, the Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback, Andrew Luck, was the catalyst for an exception. Luck decided to bring his football career to an end. His decision,…

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Take Time to Explore Your Organization’s Culture

I invite you to suspend reality for a moment and go on an odd, but arguably informative, journey with me. Imagine that Charles Darwin, the 19th century English naturalist and geologist, sets sail from England aboard the HMS Beagle. His destination – the Galapagos Islands. A space-time continuum fluke transports Darwin to your 21st century workplace. He is…

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Use this Proven ‘Secret’ to Tap into Your Team’s Productivity

Contemplate the energy, vitality, and optimism of people who are deeply engaged, particularly in this era when our technology leaves us breathless. We are at the edge of the greatest of times. California Gubernatorial Candidate Gavin Newsom has this insight: “The reality is, people will build cool things for the sake of building cool things. They…

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Science Says This Motivates More Than Money or Happiness

Scientists tell us that there is enough nuclear energy in a few buckets of seawater to power the entire world for a day—if it could be unleashed. Likewise, there’s enough talent, intelligence, capability, and creativity in each of the people in your organization to astound you—if it could be unleashed. Just take a moment to…

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Engage Your People

With all of the discussion about employee engagement, have you considered this? Engage the passion your people innately possess. You don’t have to invite them to have dreams – they already have them. Patrick LeddinPatrick Leddin, PhD is a sought after writer, speaker, and global leadership consultant. Patrick is an Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University…

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Scientist Call It “Exhaustion Syndrome” and It’s Killing Your Team

All too many of us suffer from a personal energy crisis. We no longer work a standard eight-hour day. Our minds are constantly churning trying to make high value decisions, virtually twenty-four hours day. Our mode of life today—constant stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise and sleep—leads to what scientists call “exhaustion syndrome.” “[Exhaustion…

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