7 Gifts that Great Leaders Give to Their People

Throughout the year and around the world, various occasions are marked with the giving of gifts. For many, exchanging presents is not merely tradition; it is an outward sign of one’s appreciation for another. Much time, energy, and effort is put into finding the perfect gift. The gift-giving practice often extends to the workplace where…

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The Very Best Leaders Are Here; You Should Be Here Too

Many years ago, I was a new infantry lieutenant in the United States Army. I vividly remember a time in my training when I, and a class of fellow soldiers, learned a very important lesson. That day, I learned where the very best leaders are… We were discussing how infantry platoons move through the woods.…

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6 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn Over Lunch

Might I suggest you take a lunch away from the office this week. Put away the cell phone and any other distractions and just spend some time observing. Why? Well, you never know what leadership lessons you can learn from a change of venue. One afternoon, I stepped away from the office and walked to a local…

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