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Keep a Sharp Eye Out for 8 Abundant Leadership Behaviors

I’ve spent considerable time thinking about and studying the concepts of scarcity and abundance. I want to understand, not only, how abundant leaders think, but also how they behave. My efforts thus far have yielded eight behaviors of truly abundant leaders. “Most people are deeply scripted in what I call the Scarcity Mentality. They see…

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The One Word that Negates What Harvard Professor Says is Leadership’s Central Issue

John Kotter is a legend in the world of leadership and change. A Harvard Business School (HBS) Professor Emeritus, author of numerous business articles, and consultant to Global 5000 organizations, Kotter is, “internationally known and widely regarded as the foremost speaker on the topics of leadership and change.” (Harvard Business School) I’ve never met Kotter;…

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6 Things You Need to Know Today to Help First-Level Leaders to Win

First-level leaders who play the player-coach role in your organization make a significant impact on every metric in your business: employee productivity and engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty, innovation, and financial performance. ————- This week Major League Baseball (@MLB) celebrated the start of its 2019 season. It was the earliest opening day in the history…

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How Top Performers Respond in the Face of Growing Uncertainty

LinkedIn’s Daily Rundown this weekend discussed how, “uncertainty over the pace of U.S. economic growth has been renewed by sharply, slowing retail sales in December.” The article continues to point out that a recent increase of unemployment claims has impacted sales at restaurant, stores, and online. Add to the pot the volatility of trade tariffs, the fight…

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Why I’m My Own Brand and Why You Should Be One Too

“In 350 words or less, please tell us why you would be a great fit for our company.” This prompt looms over nearly every internship application I’ve submitted. Though painfully daunting, this request provides a unique opportunity not just to explain my skills and qualifications, but also to reflect my unique value—my very own “Skyler…

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