013. Building a Winning Organizational Culture with Barby Siegel, CEO of Zeno Group

Are you looking to join an organization with a strong culture?

Are you wanting to build a strong culture in your current organization?

I hear these questions, and other similar inquiries, nearly every day. To help answer them and get you thinking about the ‘right’ next step to take in your world, I’ve invited Barby Siegel, CEO of Zeno Group to join me in the lab.

Zeno Group is a global public relations firm headquartered in New York City. Barby has been at the helm of Zeno for the past 10 years and stewarded the organization through a season of tremendous growth and success. She credits that success to the winning culture that she and her team have built and maintained. Whether you are trying to find the right organizational fit for yourself or striving to take your organization to new levels, this podcast episode is for you. Learn first-hand what this successful leader and organization are doing to get culture right!