6 Steps to Meet Unspoken Customer Needs

Going to the market week after week, I’ve become familiar with many of the vendors, their products, and how they display the goods they sell. It’s interesting how they adjust their approach throughout the summer. They move items around, refine what they say to customers, and create new offerings. 

For example, a few weeks ago, I noticed that a pasta vendor started selling meal kits by combining his pasta with sauces and bread from two other market vendors. At some point, one or all of them must have noticed that customers frequent multiple booths to pick up meal items. They partnered to provide a one-stop-shop of sorts to make it easier for customers to put together meals. When I asked about the meal kits, the pasta maker told me that all three businesses were selling more products and making customers happy.  

The vendors achieved the simple but elegant solution stemmed by following six steps. These are the same six steps you can employ to meet your customers’ needs better. 


Customer-Service Farmers Market