Episode 049. Pursue Your Passion With Author and Wildpreneur Tamara Jacobi

In 2007, Tamara Jacobi graduated college with a job offer in one hand and a dream in the other. Staying true to herself, she passed on the job and pursued her dream. Today she is the owner of Tailwind Jungle Lodge in Mexico and the author of the book Wildpreneurs: A Practical Guide to Pursuing Your Passion as a Business.

Tamara joins Patrick in the ‘lab’ to discuss how to embrace the fear and excitement that come with following your dreams, the importance of grit, and how leaders in any situation benefit from being openminded and adventurous. Whether you are looking to open a business, start a side hustle, or climb the corporate ladder, you can learn a few things from Tamara’s example. You can find Tamara’s book at wildpreneurs.com, learn more about her lodge at wildpreneurs.com/naturalparadise, or take on the 5 Week Leadership Challenge that Patrick mentions at www.leddingroup.com/5wlc.

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