Episode 139: Build Relationships, Step Up and Do Good in the World With Teddy Raskin

While attending Vanderbilt University, Teddy Raskin started Lights on the Lawn (LOTL), an on-campus concert series in Nashville, TN. Initially created to raise funds to support the needs of an injured friend, LOTL grew to other university campuses and has raised over $630,000 for local charities. When COVID hit and health-related restrictions put concerts on the back burner, Teddy co-founded KOACORE, a full-scale safety management firm. KOACORE has delivered millions of safety products to clients throughout the U.S., contributed directly to the needs of those in worn-torn Ukraine, and launched an effort to return concert attendees and performers to venues worldwide. In the episode, Teddy shares with Patrick the five lessons he’s learned about leading in adversity and encourages us to step up and make a difference.

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