018. NYT Bestselling Author Andrew Maraniss – Demonstrating Leadership Strength

NYT bestselling author Andrew Maraniss joins Patrick in the lab to discuss the story of Perry Wallace. Andrew’s biography of Wallace, Strong Inside: the collision of race and sports in the south, has won numerous awards including being named a top 10 biography and top 10 sports book by the American Library Association. Patrick’s conversation with Andrew teaches leaders to: 1) Keep their eyes open for injustices, 2) Speak the truth, 3) Take action and risk, 4) Commit to getting better. In addition, Maraniss provides a preview of his latest book Games of December. The book tells the true story of the first U.S. Olympic basketball team, which compete at the 1936 Summer Games in Nazi, Germany.

Learn more about Andrew Maraniss at http://andrewmaraniss.com