Episode 183: Explore Big Ideas, Meaning, and Tools that Served Their Purpose with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Patrick reflects on conversations he has had with two leaders about getting the big ideas right. He then shares two of his recent articles. The first article deals with the importance of meaning. The second addresses the need to get rid of tools that have served their purpose. As a leader, the three ideas addressed in this episode can go a long way to helping you to become the leader you were meant to be. Find the articles and past podcast interviews that Patrick mentions in this episode at www.LeddinGroup.com. 

For more than three decades, Patrick has led teams and studied leadership. His hands-on leadership experience has ranged from working with soldiers, as a U.S. Army airborne infantry ranger-qualified officer to senior corporate leaders for KPMG Consulting and FranklinCovey to the owner of two start-ups. He is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The Five-Week Leadership Challenge. He is an associate professor at Vanderbilt University, where he teaches Corporate Strategy, Negotiation, and Crisis Leadership. He is also the Director of Vanderbilt’s Practice of Business Studies.

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