019. Post Consumer Brands President and CEO Howard Friedman on leadership

President and CEO of Post Foods, Howard Friedman, shares what it takes to lead at every level. As the leader of a $2 billion company, Howard provides tremendous insights for aspiring and current leaders. Don’t miss his visit with Patrick in the lab.

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  1. Angela Kravetz on May 12, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    Last Friday evening was challenging, my staff member was not prepared to provide the completed project and was placing blame on others.
    I asked her – as a leader, you need to find that inner voice that says admit to yourself you were not prepared, commit that you will reply byTuesday morning and keep the promise.
    I’m her supervisor and instead of getting upset, I listened – I could hear her sincerity and gave her another chance.
    The great news, she did reply with corrections on Tuesday morning.
    I also said to her Friday night that when you are leader, you have to encourage your staff members with passion and help them visualize the end result.
    She listened to me and kept her promise – project completed!

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