Episode 233: Maximize Your Uptime with Google Productivity Expert Laura Mae Martin

In this episode, Patrick is joined by Laura Mae Martin, whose dynamic journey at Google spans over thirteen years across various domains, including Sales, Product Operations, Event Planning, and now, Executive Coaching. Laura’s expertise isn’t just confined to her impressive career trajectory; she’s also an invaluable mentor to some of Google’s top executives, guiding them on mastering the art of time and energy management.

Patrick and Laura’s conversation focuses on Laura’s new book, “Uptime: A Practice Guide for Personal Productivity and Well-Being.” Laura shares how to thrive in any work setting, be it the comfort of your home or the traditional office environment. “Uptime” is packed with actionable strategies aimed at refining your focus, establishing robust systems, and maintaining effective routines and tactics. Learn more about Laura and her work at www.LauraMaeMartin.com


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