Fan the Flames Tool

Leadership isn’t merely organizing resources or delegating tasks. At its core, leadership is seeing the potential of every team member and communicating, encouraging, and supporting them to unleash that potential to achieve what they hadn’t thought possible.

In short, great leaders fan the flames of success. If you want to see your people succeed in their work and lives, I highly encourage you to fan the flames. Here’s how to do it:

  1. See

When a team member does something well, make sure you see it. Keep your eyes open and be on the lookout to catch your team members doing things right.

  1. Acknowledge

Not only do you need to see your people doing the right things, but you need to let them know that you see their efforts. Don’t just passively watch, proactively acknowledge what you saw and why it matters.

  1. Encourage

Let your people know to do more of the good things. Challenge them to double down on good behaviors and point to the results they are achieving. Also, take the time to talk to others about their excellent work.

  1. Reward

One of the best ways to fan the flames of success is to reward their efforts. Be sure to align your incentives with the behaviors you want to see from your people.

This week’s tool and video are designed to help you fan the flames of success. The tool’s illustration is a fan with four blades – as in, fan the flames. The central hub of the fan encourages you to model the right behaviors, and the blades remind you to see, acknowledge, encourage, and reward.


fan the flames of success