Goodbye Dear Car…

I replaced my 16-year-old car this weekend. It served me well and I was sad to see it leave.

In the process of trading in my four-wheeled friend, the salesperson asked, “Does your current vehicle have navigation?”

I answered, “Nope.”

A quick follow-up, “Does it have USB ports?”

Again, “Nope.”

This went on for a bit. He named features and I confirmed my old cars lack of technological prowess.

I then thought about the day some 16 years in the future when I will replace the car I was currently in the process of buying.

What will the future salesperson ask? “Do you have the self-driving feature?” or “How many ground miles does your car have? How about flying miles?”

Will there even be a salesperson to ask such questions? Will I even have the need to buy a car at all?


Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash