How Did You Spend Your Summer Vacation?

Over the last two weeks, students have started to return to Vanderbilt University. I enjoy it when they arrive back on campus as they bring energy and excitement with them. 


As I walked across campus today, I thought about the all-too-common question that is undoubtedly popping up in dorm rooms, dining halls, and other locations throughout the university. Two classmates bump into each other for the first time since the end of the spring semester and one asks, “How did you spend your summer vacation?” The inquiry leads to a conversation about what each person committed their time, energy, and resources to over the summer months.


If I were asked the question, my answer would be easy. My colleagues and I committed much of our summer to launch our new book, The Five-Week Leadership Challenge. Our days have been filled with webinars, podcast interviews, and article writing. We’ve spent time on conference calls with our publisher, clients, and team members. We’ve worked long hours and experienced occasional frustration, but the clear goal and our commitment to it kept us focused.


I recently had a conversation about commitment with retired Senior Chief and Navy SEAL Thom Shea. Thom knows a great deal about commitment. He served 23 years in the Navy, completed several combat tours, and holds the record for going through Hell Week five times en route to becoming a SEAL. I’m a fairly driven person, but my conversation with Thom left me wanting to up my game. 


It’s with that desire in mind that I created this week’s video and tool. They are designed to help you (and me) commit to something that matters – a project, role, relationship, learning opportunity, etc. I encourage you to watch the video and fill out the form. Then, commit to making your commitment happen.


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash