How to Ace the Interview

No matter how great of a candidate you are, everyone is nervous for job interviews. It is a natural reaction to be anxious when interviewing. In fact, a study performed by Harris Interactive for Everest College found that 92% of Americans are afraid of at least one thing in an interview. If you are one of the lucky 8% (read: liars), then congrats! If not, here are 4 ways to ace your next interview.

  1. The Day Before

A common mistake made by prospective candidates is to prepare all the way up to the day of the interview. If you do not feel prepared the day before your interview, then certainly, keep prepping, but you should be ready by this point. The day before your interview you should be spent keeping your mind stress free. Whether that means going for a walk, watching a movie, or cooking dinner, do whatever you can to reduce any lingering anxiety. The interview is tomorrow, the best thing you can do is to stay calm!

2) Have Fun

This seems simple but remember that an interview should be fun, both for you and the interviewer. You are just one of many interviewees that the interviewer will be talking to that day, so you want to leave a good impression that they will remember. If you are having fun, then the interviewer will have fun as well! Interviewers are real people and they are much more likely to offer jobs to candidates they had a good time interviewing.

3) Stay Confident

If everyone is nervous than there is no reason for you not to feel confident! Remember that each candidate you are competing with feels the same way as you. Confidence is a tough order but remember that the interviewer wants you to succeed. The company would not have offered you an interview if they did not feel you were qualified. What separates a good candidate from a great candidate is their confidence. This does not mean you have to be boisterous to get the job, but just staying relaxed and friendly will likely lead to you securing the offer.

4) Follow Up

No matter how you felt your interview went, always ask if the interviewer has some sort of business card or email for future contact. Shortly after your interview, normally within 2 hours, send a thank you email to your interviewer. Not only does it keep your name in the interviewer’s mind as they make their decision, but it also helps you keep in contact with the interviewer in case you do not get the job.

You are now ready to ace the interview. Good luck!

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash