How to Build a Team of Problem Solvers

If you want your people to solve problems, then you need to straighten up your ACT: Authority, Clarity, and Transparency.


Many individuals and teams fail to make decisions or take action because they don’t feel they have the authority to act. Suppose you want to create a culture where decision-making and owning problems happen. You need to let people know what decisions are within their authority and allow them to make those decisions without second-guessing every choice.


The first step in the problem-solving process is to clarify the problem you are looking to solve. People need to be clear on the issue before starting on the solution.


People may feel that they are empowered to make decisions and that they are clear on the problem. Still, they can’t effectively do so without visibility into the information needed to make informed decisions. Wise leaders understand that and create environments where people have access to information.

This week’s tool and video are designed to help you to remember and to put into practice ACT. Print, post, and share with others. Use it to assess how you currently support your team, to spur conversation with colleagues, and to challenge people at all levels to be better problem solvers.

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