How to Crush an Interview

Interviews are stressful. Whether it’s an internal interview with the company you’ve worked for a long time, or an interview with a new company that you’re trying to get hired, interviews are the gateway to development and growth. It’s a mutually difficult process for the interviewer and the interviewee, the company is considering making a multi-year commitment to your career and the interviewee is responsible for demonstrating his/her value all within an hour-long conversation. Here are some tips below that will help you feel prepared and confident for interview day:

1) Be Mindful of your Appearance

While looking the part won’t guarantee you the job, not dressing properly can disqualify you. Research the company culture, talk to the recruiter, and always overdress to be safe. According to JobMatch, conservative haircuts, jewelry, and clothing are encouraged.

2) Take Control of First Impressions by Building Rapport

Focus on establishing a relationship with the interviewee. This starts by building rapport, finding common ground and being friendly. If it’s a personal office, use the items in the office to try and spark an initial conversation. Instead of centering attention on appearance and content, focus on the connection. Don’t forget to smile!

3) Use the STAR Method

The STAR Method is organizing your answer to the question in this format 1) Situation 2) Task 3) Action 4) Result. The STAR method makes it easier for your interviewer to follow your thought process and provides enough detail for them to fully understand the background.

Situation is a brief background describing the problem. Task includes the preparation and organizing that took place to address problem. Action is the specific work taken to solve the problem (do not leave out details). Results should be clearly defined and providing measurable concrete results is beneficial too. It’s okay to include a negative result, as long as you explain it was not due to personal error and the learnings that were taken away from the experience.

4) Close the Conversation with Purpose

The goal here is to end the interview with a lasting impression. The closing should incorporate why you are the right candidate for the position, personal desire for this job that is unique to others, and why this company is the perfect fit. Also be sure to thank the interviewer for their time.

5) Send a Thank You Note

A thank you note should be sent the next business day thanking all the interviewers for their time. Try to include a brief recap or specific point of the conversation in the email to show personalization. If the interview took place on a Friday, it is recommended to wait until Monday to send the thank you note.

Photo by Mahdi Bafande on Unsplash