The INSPIRE framework can be applied immediately to your day-to-day, and help you solve the big, strategic problems that vex you.

Here's what past participants are saying...

I thought it was a great course that felt very personal despite the virtual environment. I think the INSPIRE method will be most useful to me when I am out working with our community members, stakeholders, press, and elected officials. 

I will use the INSPIRE framework on any challenge I encounter on either my work or personal life.  I’m not currently on a supervisory position, but I’m certain that when the opportunity arises, I’ll be using the concepts learned from yesterday’s course as well as the 5-Week Leadership Challenge course.

I think the time was very well spent, valuable and I really enjoyed it.  I was able to expand my leadership skills knowledge through your teachings and also learn about the work and challenges other colleagues are facing. I will totally recommend the course to others.

It connects to my daily work by providing me with a starting point or steps to follow to best approach the challenges I encounter.

The course helped me identify my daily work demands, the responsibility that comes with them, and getting them accomplished. The 7-step problem solving helped me to realize the many reasons leaders are held back from thinking and acting strategically.  Some of the ones that we identified as a group were, not having all the information needed, limited time and resources, self-doubt or fear, and the policies/regulations in place preventing decision making. I will change my approach when making decisions ensuring that others are on the same page, if there is a problem, isolate it. 

Overall the class was well organized, and provided information in easily digestible chunks.

The workshop will teach you about different styles of decision-making so you can learn about how both you and your organizations make decisions - and then figure out which one you want to use going forward.

Four Styles of Decision-making
Sample Tool

The workshop's tailor-made tools will help you learn the material and apply the concepts to your work immediately.