Leader Certification

Become certified in a proven process that helps leaders and teams deliver exceptional results while simultaneously improving communication, collaboration, and trust.

Leddin Group Leader Certification

Whether you are wanting to become certified to facilitate work sessions with your own team, looking to lead other teams in your organization through a planning process, or want to bring this to your business partners, our leader certification program will give you the tools you need to facilitate a 1-2 day team planning session.

What people say about our leader certification

"The Leddin Group is unmatched when it comes to coaching leaders on how to execute on their organization's most important priorities…talented, hard-working and gets things done."

“What I really liked most is the fact that you really get involved in the session. There was not just someone explaining; you had to participate and that is a real great thing to learn how to teach others! Materials we have been given are really a great tool for us as a support for us to teach.”

“Real life examples presented. Excellent presenter. Easily understandable, extremely knowledgeable, quickly responded to participant’s questions.”

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We help leaders build strong teams that deliver great results.