Name it, Capture it, & Shred it

Every once in a while on the Leadership Lab podcast, I sit down and talk to a professional athlete. I’ve spoken to people like Dansby Swanson, the shortstop of the Atlanta Braves, or former NFL player Desmond Clark. When I learn about their approach to shaking off mistakes and getting back in the game, the answers always involve accepting the reality that mistakes will happen, that’s part of the game, and you can’t change it once it happens. But, you can focus on the next play and choose to put your best energy into it.

I would suggest the same thing is true for you and those you lead. Mistakes will happen, but the error you just made doesn’t define what will happen next. This week’s tool will help you shake off a poor result, a damaged relationship, or a nagging regret. Use the tool to name it, describe it, and shred it.


shake it off