No Goal, No Gusto

Before I went to bed the other night, I looked at the weather and learned that there was a 100% chance of rain the following morning. I woke in the morning to heavy rain, confirming the meteorologist’s prediction.

Jamie and I had a hike planned for the day, and based on the weather, I was about to suggest we skip it. but a message on my phone caused me to reconsider. My phone greeted me with the image of my son, Clay, and I standing on top of Mt Kilimanjaro. The headline read, “1 Year Ago’. My mind immediately flashed back to that moment and what the weather was like that day. The majority of the hike to the summit was dark, cold, and windy. The ground was covered with snow and ice.

I asked myself – How is possible that one year later I’m not wanting to walk in the rain?

My answer: Last year climbing that mountain was a big goal and along with setting that goal came a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. I’ll put it another way: I was full of gusto.

You don’t need to set big goals to generate gusto. Small ones can do it too. I’ve worked with hundreds of teams and have seen first-hand how setting goals, big and small, can improve morale, increase energy, and drive engagement.

I’ve learned that when there’s no goals, there’s no gusto.

In a recent podcast, I interviewed Margie Warrell. Margie has written numerous books on the importance of being brave, trusting yourself, and taking risks. I invite you to listen to my conversation with Margie. You will find the confidence to tackle new goals based on her insights.

To help in your goals and gusto efforts, we’ve created a tool and a video   that go hand in hand.

The tool is designed to help you to become more motivated by looking at what you’ve already accomplished and the video contains ideas about how to complete and use the tool. Get a PDF of the tool here.


The video provides ideas about using the tool on your own and with your team.


Back to the rainy morning

After I saw the Kilimanjaro photo, I put on my rain gear, leashed up the dog, and Jamie and I hit the road. The rain was driving heavy, but it lightened considerably by the end of the walk. I won’t say that the sun came out, that just sounds too perfect and didn’t happen, but my post-walk coffee tasted so much better knowing that we kept our eye on the goal.

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