Planning Worksheet

Playing the lottery can teach us a helpful lesson about creating plans to accomplish our priorities. Like the lottery, where you are trying to turn little amounts into big bucks, an effective plan is also designed to turn a little into a lot. However, unlike the lottery, where you are counting on luck to achieve results, a good plan leaves little to chance.

I designed this week’s video and tool to help you to turn little actions into big results by asking you to break down your priorities into actionable steps. At the top of the tool, write down one of your top priorities and explain why that priority matters. Think through the small steps you will need to take each week to accomplish your goal. Write down the steps and the weeks on the tool. At the beginning of each week, look at your plan to ensure that the week’s actions are scheduled on your calendar. When completing the task, return to this tool and mark the step complete.

Creating a plan and checking off progress sounds simple, but simple things are often overlooked. As a result, people set big priorities and leave too much to chance, just like playing the lottery.