5 Week Leadership Challenge




The 5-Week Leadership Challenge (5WLC) allows you to explore leadership through a daily leadership reading, questions to consider, and a brief daily challenge. Each week culminates with an activity designed to help you to gain further clarity about yourself as a leader.

As you work your way through the 5WLC, you will spend each week exploring one of five key areas:

Week 1: Perspective
What is your mindset as a leader?

Week 2: Purpose
Why do you choose to lead and what impact do you hope to make?

Week 3: Priorities
What are your top leadership goals?

Week 4: Plans
How will you work to accomplish your goals?

Week 5: Performance
What will you do to be a better leader along the way and to create your own leadership legacy?

Please take a moment to watch the video below as I share with you a bit more about the journey we will take together over the next five weeks.

All the best,

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