The 5 Practices of Team Success – Leader’s Guide




This is everything you need to prepare for and deliver an effective team work session.

The 5P process helps leaders and teams to work together to not only accomplish goals, but do so in a way that makes the team itself and the individuals that comprise it stronger. The leader’s kit ¬†provides all of the tools and information needed to lead a team 5Ps session to:

  • Discuss the team’s customers and how best to serve them
  • Create a team purpose statement that captures why the team exists and serves as a source of clarity in turbulent times
  • Define the team’s most important priorities – in the face of everything the team could tackle
  • Develop a plan to make the priorities happen
  • Embrace an approach to performance that focuses on transparency and accountability

Your kit includes:

  • A leader’s guide with step-by-step instructions of what to ask, tell, show, etc. throughout the course of the session.
  • PowerPoint presentation slides that you can use to lead the workshop
  • Copy of either “Oliver’s Spot: The 5Ps Leading Teams to Top Results” or “Oliver’s Spot for the Public Sector: The 5Ps Leading Team to Top Results”. (Let us know which copy you want when you order.)
  • A deck of 52 Icebreaker Cards to use throughout the session.

5Ps sessions can be delivered in either a two-day format or spread out over five sessions.

Will ship within 5-7 business days.

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