Putting Pre-mortems Into Practice Worksheet

Hopefully, conducting post-mortem sessions is a regular practice for you and your team. If not, I encourage you to start. Yes, post-mortems take time, but they will improve you, your team, and your future efforts.

  • A meeting you may be less familiar with is a pre-mortem session. These occur before you start the event, project, or initiative. Pre-mortems provide you and your team a chance to step back and reflect on your efforts, but they do it in a proactive manner to explore what might cause your efforts to fail. Participants work to answer:
  • What are our goals for the event, project, or initiative?
  • What might cause us to fail (e.g., resources, processes, structures, customers, schedule, etc.)?
  • How can we address potential issues before they arise?

This week’s tool and video will help you and your team to conduct pre-mortems. Proactively listen to your team members’ concerns, ask questions to understand issues better, and ultimately make intelligent decisions about handling potential pitfalls. Identifying and addressing a problem before it becomes a problem will give your team great satisfaction, increase morale, and empower people to do it again.

This week’s tool:

Conduct a premortem session

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