Reward Team Members: 5 Ways to Recognize Your People

Think about the person on your team who you turn to in order to get things done. Here are five ways for you to make an investment in them, demonstrate your appreciation, and recognize their efforts. Although the first mentions financial compensation, there are plenty of other actions you can take.

To help you remember the five ideas, we picked words that start with the letter T as in your go-To-person:

  1. Treasure – How can you increase the team member’s financial compensation?
  2. Time – How can provide the team member time off or great schedule flexibility?
  3. Talk – How can you spend time talking and listening to the team member?
  4. Tee-up – How can tee the team member for success with new projects or opportunities?
  5. Talent – How can you invest in the development of the team member’s development?


5 Ways to Recognize Your People