How to Run Effective Team Meetings

Like you, I have been to (and led) my share of team meetings – some effective, others a colossal waste of time.

None are immune from the occasional poorly run gathering.

Want to improve?

Work to get team members to say 4 things.

1. “We go in there, do what we need to do, & finish.”

Losing focus costs time, money, & energy. Don’t let the conversation wander too far, feed personal agendas, or allow someone to hijack the discussion. If Monday is always a crazy day, avoid it. Pick a time that works best & protect it.

2. “We come prepared & understand what we are trying to achieve.”

Don’t show up & then figure out what happens next. Think the meeting through, ask for input, distribute an agenda. Expect people to come prepared.

3. “We have true TEAM meetings & strive to get better.”

Rotate responsibilities (e.g. timekeeper, notetaker, etc.) Routine is good, but too much is boring. Ask your team to rate your meetings & listen to their input.

4. “We don’t talk just to hear ourselves. We actually hold each other accountable.”

Don’t’ fall into the trap of forgetting what was discussed as soon as the meeting ends. If a commitment is made, follow-up on it. Don’t have meeting amnesia.

So, what are people saying about your meetings?