SEIZE The Lessons Tool

Are you too busy doing things that you never stop to take note of the lessons you’re learning along the way?

I know that I can fall into this trap. I bet you can too.

I encourage you to seize the lessons in work and life, and I hope to help your efforts. I enjoy a good acronym; so, I offer the acronym S-E-I-Z-E to help you to SEIZE the lessons that you experience.

Recently, I hit pause to SEIZE the lessons that I’ve learned in 2022. I first created the SEIZE tool and video, and then I applied the idea to SEIZE the lessons found in the leadership content we’ve produced this year. I recorded a podcast episode highlighting 14 articles, 14 videos, and 14 tools we’ve released over the first quarter of 2022. Choosing to SEIZE the lessons resulted not only in a podcast full of ideas but provided me an excellent way to remind myself of what we’ve done, what I learned, and how the lessons can help all of us.

I encourage you to listen to the podcast, reflect on what I share, and SEIZE the lessons.

SEIZE the Lessons