SEIZE the Lessons

Are you too busy doing things that you never stop to take note of the lessons you’re learning along the way?

I know that I can fall into this trap. I bet you can too.

Impactful leaders commit to continuous growth. This commitment includes learning from daily work experiences when things go well and when they don’t. When we fail to learn lessons, we repeat the same mistakes and miss the opportunity to make a one-time success an enduring habit.

I encourage you to seize the lessons in work and life, and I hope to help your efforts. I enjoy a good acronym; so, I offer the acronym S-E-I-Z-E to help you to SEIZE the lessons that you experience.

S-E-I-Z-E stands for:

  • Stop: You must periodically hit the ‘pause’ button and stop doing so you can reflect on what has transpired over a given week, month, or quarter.
  • Explore: Look back through your emails, notes, and work completed. Explore to uncover what went well, where you struggled, and what you learned.
  • Identify: Find the patterns in your behaviors and results. List takeaways or lessons worth remembering.
  • Zero in: Pick the most significant lessons and zero in on them. Don’t try to tackle everything. Pick a couple of lessons that will serve you well.
  • Employ: Hold on to those lessons. Share them with others. Create systems to reinforce them. Then, employ them when the time comes.

Recently, I hit pause to SEIZE the lessons that I’ve learned in 2022. I first created the SEIZE tool and video, and then I applied the idea to SEIZE the lessons found in the leadership content we’ve produced this year. I recorded a podcast episode highlighting 14 articles, 14 videos, and 14 tools we’ve released over the first quarter of 2022. Choosing to SEIZE the lessons resulted not only in a podcast full of ideas but provided me an excellent way to remind myself of what we’ve done, what I learned, and how the lessons can help all of us.

I encourage you to listen to the podcast, reflect on what I share, and SEIZE the lessons.