Smart Leaders Make 4 Wise Investments

We are making more decisions than we ever have before.

Think about it. Every email, demand, request, phone call, and/or idea is a decision your brain is required to make. During the Industrial Age, workers on an assembly line put one part on one machine a hundred times a day. They had few choices and fewer decisions to make. Decisions they did have to make were simple and of low value. Their tools had one straightforward use.

Most of us no longer stand in an assembly line doing repetitive tasks. We have comparatively unlimited decisions coming at us about what to work on, when and how (for example: Do I answer this email? Accept this meeting invitation? Work on this project or that one?).

You do your best handling decisions as they come in, but the decisions you are required to make are complex and have high value. For example, a salesperson’s decisions on how to use their time can mean millions of dollars to the bottom line. One might be constantly busy, but still ask the at the end of the day, “What the heck did I get done”?

One might be constantly busy, but still ask the at the end of the day, “What the heck did I get done”?

Busyness can be costly. It consumes time, energy, and motivation with little concern over how these resources are expended. It also steals your ability to invest in four key areas. I believe that this free tool will help leaders whether they are old or new, leading 5 team members or 100. Make wise investments today, and stop asking yourself,  “What the heck did I get done”?

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