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People are an organization's most critical asset. We believe that successful organizations create a culture that optimizes the skills and experiences of their workforce and fosters professional development that aligns with core competencies and values necessary to meet organizational objectives.

Leddin Group partners with clients to develop and maintain a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and effective workforce capable of meeting present and future challenges. Our customized solutions build upon one another. They combine our expertise, proven methods, and capabilities to meet the unique needs of clients.


5Ps: Team Planning & Execution

What’s your team’s pain point?

Have you and your team spent time, energy, and resources creating a plan, and then watched another year go by where nothing changes?


Did you accomplish a few goals you and your team set out to, but realized later, you tackled the wrong things first and now there are gaps between what you need and what you have?

Leddin Group believes these pains are a result of failures at the team level causing your top priorities to fall by the wayside. By installing our 5P process, your team will create a clear way to incorporate its goals into day-to-day work and hold its teams accountable to execute top priorities.

“The 5 Ps workshop session was terrific. It gave us great clarity. All of our directorates should go through this process.”

Hire us to facilitate a work session for your team or use our do it yourself (DIY) materials.


Strategic Planning Process Facilitation

Strategic Planning enables an organization to develop a clear direction for its future, set a path for success, and establish metrics to assess results. An effective Strategic Plan provides employees a 'line-of-sight' between what they do on a daily basis and an organization's strategic goals. Leddin Group partners with organizations to:

  • Conduct a strategic analysis to identify the major challenges and critical issues facing the organization
  • Facilitate a Strategic Planning Session to establish clear, realistic, timely, and measurable strategic goals that are tied to organizational mission and vision
  • Set specific objectives to achieve strategic goals and establish performance measures
  • Facilitate Team Planning Sessions to develop performance goals that achieve business objectives
  • Design and publish a Strategic Plan that addresses implementation and accountability for goal accomplishment

Leadership Development

An organization is only as effective as its leaders. By instituting leadership development programs, organizations can groom inspirational team builders who are able to drive performance. The organization must develop these leaders through a deliberate process that aims to produce and maximize the right capabilities to meet organizational objectives and strategies.

Leddin Group partners with organizations to:

  • Identify competencies required to achieve organizational objectives and assess key leadership and talent needs
  • Establish a talent development program that sets a clear path for cultivating leaders
  • Help create career development plans to meet organizational and individual goals
  • Develop and implement a mentorship program that allows personnel to leverage the knowledge, expertise, and insight of more experienced individuals to improve their performance and enhance opportunities for career advancement

Workforce Analysis and Succession Planning

Today's organizations must be more flexible than ever before. They must develop strategies that address skill gaps, maximize individual capabilities, and foster team building to successfully meet changing demands. To succeed, an organization must develop a strategy that ensures the right people with the right skills are in the right position at the right time.

Leddin Group partners with organizations to:

  • Identify workforce skills and core competencies and develop strategies to address gaps
  • Develop and implement a workforce plan that ensures the necessary human capital is available for the organization to meet their objectives
  • Create effective career development programs that enhance the abilities, skills, and knowledge required to achieve strategic business plans
  • Facilitate succession planning and implementation

Training and Development

Training and Development provides workplace learning to help employees effectively communicate, plan, execute, and deliver better results for the organization. Our Plan, Do, Grow™ approach, based on instructional design and adult learning theories, is part of an integrated process focused on insuring long-term application and retention. Leddin Group works with your organization to train and develop your employees to drive organizational performance through both off-the-shelf and customized training solutions to meet your organization's needs.

In today's ever changing business environment, a workforce that possesses mere technical skills does not guarantee organizational success. Personal development training courses teach individuals how to interact well with one another in the workplace, communicate effectively with external clients, and how to successfully manage their time and resources. Organizations are looking for success not only through their strategic moves, but also through the support of their capable employees.

Leddin Group offers six effective workshops that can be taught in one-day sessions or delivered in a modularized fashion.


Communication Effectiveness

Teaches individuals to function more productively through improved interpersonal communication practices. Participants will learn communication skills that will produce significantly better outcomes in listening, responding and managing expectations with others. Students will also learn the tools for effective dialogue in giving and receiving feedback, and how to develop clear, concise messages that gain credibility.


Meeting Effectiveness

This workshop focuses on learning the correct elements of meeting anatomy, how to go about planning a good meeting, and how to facilitate and win during meetings. Participants will learn to conduct and/or be an effective contributor to the meeting, and determine how to execute and get results when it comes to follow-up and assigned action items.


Presentation Effectiveness

Designed for individuals who wish to improve their skills in preparing and delivering briefings, speeches or presentations. Participants will learn to design and deliver briefings in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner, and use visual aids to increase the quality of their presentations.


Problem Solving and Decision Making

This workshop is for professionals who wish to increase their problem solving tool kit. Participants will learn to approach problems by first identifying, then analyzing the situation before moving to solutions and solution development. They will also learn how to effectively implement their solution and test it for accuracy. Finally, students will learn the skills necessary to create and act on new opportunities, apply excellent judgment in decision making situations, and become creative and innovative thinkers.


Stress Management

Participants will learn techniques to reduce the stressors in their life, modify their perceptions of stress, and develop solid coping, which help boost morale and prevent burnout. Our customized workshop will help participants make a commitment that supports a healthy, productive lifestyle.


Time Management

Designed to provide participants the tools needed to successfully manage their time both professionally and personally. Life produces more to do than time to do it all, so the key is to be clear on what the really important items are, then set a plan, and finally be willing to execute your plan. Participants will learn to overcome barriers to effective time management issues, boost productivity by eliminating time-consuming habits, and prioritize daily activities in order to achieve their most important goals.


Performance Measurement

Every result, good or bad, that an organization experiences is the direct consequence of what an employee did or failed to do. Too often, organizations miss this critical link and fail to ensure that each employee clearly understands organizational goals, knows how his or her daily performance drives organizational success, and is held accountable and rewarded for his or her contribution. A successful performance measurement plan should align with the organization's strategic goals and objectives and provide performance tracking methods throughout all levels of the organization.

Leddin Group partners with organizations to:

  • Develop and implement performance measurement systems to improve decision–making and resource management
  • Train employees on performance measurement tools
  • Develop Dashboards that illustrate goal progress and achievements from an organizational perspective
  • Create Scoreboards that track team performance and success
  • Develop and implement an effective employee performance review program

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