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4 Tools Great Leaders Use to Avoid Pulling the Chicken Switch

Guest Author: Kit Allowitz The “chicken switch” is the ejection cord inside the cockpit of an F16 fighter jet.  The F16 is a $50 million-dollar piece of machinery that blares through the sky at speeds faster than the speed of sound.  Pilots are often faced in the moment with highly charged, high stakes decisions whose outcomes…

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How to Achieve the Balance You Crave

Several years ago, my wife and I took a business / personal trip to California.On our way to the hotel, we passed a sign proclaiming, “SUP Rental & Instruction, 7-Days a Week.” Not knowing what SUP stood for, we asked our taxi driver. He informed us that SUP was shorthand for Stand-Up Paddling and explained…

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This Road Warrior Remembers True Warriors

My plane pushed back from the gate at 6pm this past Thursday night – 4 1/2 hours of sitting on the tarmac it returned to the same gate at 10:30pm. Nearly 24 hours later I finally made it home. I then remembered it was Memorial Day Weekend and how quickly I forgot the lesson I…

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