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5 Workplace Etiquette Behaviors to Help You to Win at Work

Joining a new workplace, at any age, can be daunting! Here are 5 quick and easy workplace etiquette tips. Although simple, and seemingly straightforward, these 5 things are often forgotten or overlooked in the rush of beginning a new role. Read more in this article. Download a PDF of the 5 workplace etiquette behaviors perfect…

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4 Ugly Truths that Great Leaders Know about Good Ideas

GREAT leaders know 4 UGLY truths about GOOD ideas. Are you aware of them? Here’s a tool to help you to learn and apply them. Download a pdf version below that is perfect for printing, posting, and sharing! Read more about these ideas here. Patrick LeddinPatrick Leddin, PhD is a sought after writer, speaker, and…

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How to be a Tough – Yet Amazing – Act to Follow

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to speak to 120 leaders at the U.S. division of a European-based company. The leaders were embarking on the next phase of a learning journey that they had begun the past summer. My job was to kickoff the new phase and to get them excited about the…

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Assessing Your Loyalty in the Face of a Gig Economy

We are seeing unprecedented changes in how people and organizations accomplish work in the gig economy. In many ways, what is old is new again as people are bucking a century old practice of taking a full-time job at a a big company and embracing new relationships. Contract part-time, and short-term agreements are the rage…

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5 Groovy Leadership Ideas

This week, HGTV premiered A Very Brady Renovation. The show is built around the home that served as the facade for the Brady Bunch television series. Producers bought the home and are now working with the 6 Brady kids (50 years later) to renovate the home to reflect on the inside the set that was…

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A Great IDEA to Help Create Engagement

There is a strong likelihood that your organization has a process in place for individual contributors to establish annual performance goals. My experience suggests that there is an equally strong possibility that your process falls a bit short. – Sometimes we overcomplicate things leaving employees feeling compelled to complete the process regardless of its value.…

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How is Your Negotiation Approach Working for You?

Whether you recognize it or not, you negotiate everyday. It can be in small ways: – who will work what schedule this week – what project tasks you own – where you eat dinner with friends It can be in big ways too: – how much you will pay for your next car – will…

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