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Create a Culture of Owners

Who washes a rental car? No one. Why? We don’t own rental cars. If you want to increase employee engagement, give your team members something to own. It can be a project, an initiative, a decision, a workspace, etc., but give it to them and let them own it. Here are six great reasons to…

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Episode #14 Improving your ability to influence and persuade with NYT bestselling author Dr. Robert Cialdini

Available on Wednesday, November 20th Dr. Robert Cialdini’s New York Times (NYT) bestselling book Influence introduced the world to the psychology of persuasion and created a worldwide movement focused on research and best practices. He recently joined Patrick in the Leadership Lab to discuss his most recent book Pre-Suasion. In doing so, Dr. Cialdini “shines…

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5 Workplace Etiquette Behaviors to Help You to Win at Work

Joining a new workplace, at any age, can be daunting! Here are 5 quick and easy workplace etiquette tips. Although simple, and seemingly straightforward, these 5 things are often forgotten or overlooked in the rush of beginning a new role. Read more in this article. Download a PDF of the 5 workplace etiquette behaviors perfect…

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Health and Fitness Checklist for the Business Traveler

Traveling for leisure or for work can complicate our healthy habits and wellness routines for a myriad of reasons – our sleep schedule is different, planes are germy, we don’t have our normal “stuff” quite as accessible, and it feels like our daily routine has gone out the window. However, if you are traveling for…

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5 Key Programs to Create STAR Performers

Use this tool as you think about the programs you have in place to develop your people. Arguably, these 5 programs are key to create STARS in your organization. If you want more information about these programs, check out this Leddin Group article. Patrick LeddinPatrick Leddin, PhD is a sought after writer, speaker, and global…

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