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4 Ugly Truths that Great Leaders Know about Good Ideas

GREAT leaders know 4 UGLY truths about GOOD ideas. Are you aware of them? Here’s a tool to help you to learn and apply them. Download a pdf version below that is perfect for printing, posting, and sharing! Read more about these ideas here. Patrick LeddinPatrick Leddin, PhD is a sought after writer, speaker, and…

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10 Ways to Make Work a Winnable Game for You and Your Team

Within each of us there seems to be a ‘game on’ switch that is hardwired in our DNA.  For some of us the switch is more easily flipped than for others. When activated in the workplace, this switch can dramatically increase employee engagement. To throw the switch and drive engagement, leaders must make work a winnable game.…

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How Your Next Great Idea Can Hurt You as a Leader

Sometimes a leader will start an initiative with the best of intentions, but lack the resources, focus, or energy to see it to fruition. These are projects that seemed like a good idea in the moment, but they never should have started in the first place. They are the ones where not only is the initiative…

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6 Questions to Help Your Team to Determine Priorities

Your team has limited resources. Your team members have different perspectives of what’s most important. Your environment is constantly changing and with those changes come new opportunities and threats. Given these realities, it’s critical that leaders and teams work together to clearly determine their top priorities. Use these six questions as you work with your…

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4 Keys to Winning When You are an Underdog

At some point, we all find ourselves in the position of underdog with the odds stacked against us. It’s during those times that we can benefit for doing 4 key things. This tool explains each key through a series of questions designed to take you from underdog to top dog. Here’s a PDF tool that…

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How to Drop a Few Nonproductive Tasks

Use this flowchart to think through your habits and consider dropping a few nonproductive practices. As you complete each of the seven steps on the chart, simply check them off as complete. Here’s a PDF version to download and use. Patrick LeddinPatrick Leddin, PhD is a sought after writer, speaker, and global leadership consultant. Patrick…

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5 Ps Leading Teams to Top Results

This simple graphic outlines 5 key steps to deliver great results. These steps (we call them the 5 Ps) are the proven process we use to help leaders and teams. Click ‘hire us’ if you want to talk with about bringing the 5 Ps to your team. Patrick LeddinPatrick Leddin, PhD is a sought after…

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