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What You Can Learn from 4 Swift Brand Building Ideas

LinkedIn’s Daily Rundown features Taylor Swift’s “battle over her master recordings as digital distribution makes it more desirable for artists to control their own material.” According to the New York Times, “It all started on Sunday morning, when Mr. Braun’s company, Ithaca Holdings, announced that it had acquired the Big Machine Label Group, which Ms. Swift left in…

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How Nike’s Kaepernick Ad Might Be a Game Changer this Time

This weekend Nike unveiled their latest “Just Do It” ad campaign. The company’s well known formula of marrying the familiar tagline with high profile athletes was on display once again; however, there was a bit of a twist this time. Serena Williams, known for her dominate play on the tennis court and Odell Beckham Jr.,…

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Can You Handle 6 Stern Branding Lessons?

My old car had been a faithful servant, but nothing lasts forever. I recently replaced it with something built in the 21st century. The new vehicle came with SiriusXM radio. I quickly found myself enjoying the wide-range of channels. In short order, I stumbled across Howard Stern, the self-proclaimed King of All Media. Admittedly, my knowledge…

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8 Behaviors of Highly Successful Creatives

What might Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and a wide-range of other creative people have in common? Arguably, they practiced (whether simply part of their DNA or the result of honed discipline) 8 key behaviors. I call these key behaviors, the 8Cs of Creativity. The first 4 behaviors are individual practices and the second 4 represent…

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